Roving Indiana Special Edition Yarn

Meet Jessica Green

Jessica began her career in art in 2004 as an Elementary School Art teacher. She still teaches art to kids through her venue: Art Venture, which offers art clubs and summer art camps to kids in Indianapolis. In 2012, Jessica set a goal for herself to 500 paintings in an effort to her painting ability! Follow Jessica’s journey to paint 500 paintings on her blog:, or better yet, purchase one of her original paintings from:!

Jessica is a young mom of two wonderful kids who maintains a messy house in Indianapolis with her husband. If you love to go to the Indianapolis Art Festivals, you might just find Jessica and her work in one of the booths!

The Painting

The Indiana Statehouse!  We have just celebrated 200 years of Indiana's Statehood, we thought this would be a great inspiration for this year's yarn!

The Yarn

Hand-dyed by The Fiber Seed in Tampa Florida:
Sprout Sock Yarn
90% Superwash Wool
10% Nylon
480 Yards

Pre-order the yarn for $33.00 at your local yarn shop.