Roving Indiana Special Edition Yarn

Meet Jim Gray

You might see one of America’s most renowned artists walking hand- in-hand with his wife, Fran,  through the streets of Nashville, Indiana  these days.  Jim has retired to Nashville to be near his son’s family.    His son, Matt and Amy own the Iris Garden Inn and Suites,    Copperhead Gem Mining and The Brown County Rock shop.  

Jim began his career painting images of the sea that was a part of his life growing up in Mobile, Alabama.  While serving in the Air Force during the Korean War, he illustrated technical manuals—everything from Parachute riggings to how to service aircraft engines.  

Upon his return from military service, he opened a successful advertising agency in Mobile, but he often escaped to his paints and canvas in his private studio!  After a visit to the Smoky Mountain National Park in 1966, he decided to move his family to the peaceful mountains.  Painting the beauty of the Smoky Mountains became his passion.  He was featured in an article on the park in National Geographic in 1968.  This led to more features in magazines and art publications.  A photo from that National Geographic Article was included on the golden disks of “earth” that Carl Sagan put together to accompany the deep space probes in the 1970s.

Jim is a member of many prestigious art organizations and societies.  Many people have (and still) enjoy visiting the Jim Gray Gallery in the Gallinburg area.  His sculptures of Alex Hailey, Andrew Johnson, and Dolly Parton are prominately displayed in Tennessee.

Jim is also know for his paintings of people, wildlife and flowers.  This year’s inspiration for our limited edition yarn is one of Jim’s favorite subjects—Fran’s Iris Garden!

The Painting

Memories Abloom - An Iris Garden Paining

The Yarn

Hand-dyed Mary Ann Sock Yarn
Wonderland Yarns/Frabjous Fibers

85% Merino Wool/10% Nylon
475 yards/4 oz skein

Pre-order the yarn at your local yarn shop for $30.  Beginning March 1, price for yarn is $34.